Set model for The Muppets Take Manhattan (1983). Gift of Stephen Hendrickson.

For Researchers

At this time, the Museum cannot accommodate on-site research requests. However, a fee-based collections research service is available. Fees are calculated at the hourly rate of $35 for Museum members and $75 for non-members. Payment arrangements may be made on an individual basis as appropriate and at the Museum's sole discretion. The Museum reserves the right to limit or to refuse research requests at any time.

To Initiate a Research Inquiry
1. Submit your request to the Collection Department. Please explain your request in detail, including a description of your research project. Providing complete information will help to shorten research time. For an overview of the Museum's collection, see "Artifact Classes & Work Types," but please note that the Museum does not collect film or television footage of any kind.

2. You will receive a response indicating whether or not the Museum has materials relating to your request. All research requests will be answered within two weeks of their receipt. If the Museum has information pertinent to your topic, you will receive a summary of what is available and a research fee quote.

3. After reviewing the information, if you decide that you would like to obtain research materials from the Museum, inform your Museum research contact. Research fee payment must be made in advance, and if the research time exceeds what was quoted, payment must be made upon delivery of the research materials. If the research materials being requested are not images, there will be an additional charge for duplication (the first five photocopies are provided free of charge; additional photocopies are $0.10 per copy). You will be asked to sign the Museum's “Rights and Permissions Policy,” which will be provided to you by your Museum research contact.

Photographic Services
If the research materials being requested are images, complete the “Image Reproduction Form" and sign the “Rights and Permissions Policy for Images,” available online or by mail. Information must be filled out completely according to the instructions listed below.

To Obtain Image Preview Copies
Up to five low-resolution JPEG preview images are provided free of charge; six or more require a payment of $3 per image that can be credited to your final photo order. If you would like a photocopy of an image instead of a digital preview, please note that in your correspondence with your research contact.

To Order Photographs
If you would like to order photographs, please check and complete the “Photographic Orders” section of the "Image Reproduction Form." A tax-exempt form must accompany an order for non-profit publication use.

Payment of these fees provides for the one-time-only use of an image. Images may not be reused in a subsequent edition or in any other format without the Museum's express written consent and payment of additional fees. If prints or transparencies are required instead of digital images, please ask your research contact for the appropriate fee schedule.

Commercial Use
Requests for commercial use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and fees will be determined by the location of the image on or in the product, the size of the reproduction, and whether the market for the product is local, national, or international. Fees for commercial use begin at $100.

Original Photography
Because the costs of original photography vary depending on the size and nature of the object and on the desired reproduction format, the price for this service is available upon request.

In general, orders will take at least two weeks to process once payment has been received, although delivery time may vary with the size and complexity of the order and staff availability and cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to use a delivery source other than the USPS, you are responsible for coordinating arrangements between the Museum and the delivery service. The Museum’s regular postage and handling fees are:

Domestic mail: $5
International mail: $7

Moving Image accepts check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express toward the payment of all fees.